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This unit was established in the year 1991 under the name Central Duck Breeding Farm with technical collaboration of Government of U.K. in order to introduce high yielding variety of Ducks for the farming community. 

The primary objective of this Unit is production development, multiplication and distribution of improved varieties of both Meat type and egg type ducklings across the country for various State Organisations and farmers.


 1.       Duck Houses Modern Duck houses under European Model are existing at this unit. Two brooder houses, three rearing houses, six breeding houses and three layer houses are available.

       Feed Store and Feed Mixing Plant.

       Duck Hatchery .

KHAKI CAMPBELL Egg type parent stocks imported  from U.K. These are
proligic layers which can give upto 300 eggs per laying cycle. These birds
are very much suitable for rural development programmes for sustainable economical
development in rural areas. 

WHITE PEKIN (VIGOVA SUPER M)   Meat type imported from Vietnam,
suitably adopted for Indian conditions. Pekins are known worldwide for their
fast growth rate and good meat convertibility.




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