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Vol.-   I                        Issue: 1 (JAN-MAR 2005)                                         Quarterly


The Central Poultry Organization (Southern Region), under Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Government of India is formed after merging and restructuring of the Central Poultry Units located at Hessarghatta, Bangalore viz. Central Poultry Training Institute, Central Poultry Breeding Farm, Central Duck Breeding Farm, Random Sample Poultry Performance Testing Centre, during June 2003.

            This Organization with more emphasis for rural poultry development having primary objectives of development, multiplication of chicken stocks of rural variety and under diversification, duck and turkey production is being carried out.

Apart from this the training institute imparts advanced, lab, specialized and farmers training for officers from state and central government organizations, public sector enterprises and private industry besides farmers from southern region are trained for practical training on poultry.

            In view of keeping communication and technical updates regarding this Organization and of the poultry industry as a whole, we are coming out with the first issue of this technical bulletin released By, Ms. Neerja Rajkumar, I.A.S., Joint Secretary (DD&P), On 22nd January, 2005. 



A parliamentary Standing Committee headed by – Honorable

Prof. Ram Gopal Yadav  MP (LS) with other Honorable Membersof the Committee namely Sri. Mahaboob Zahedi MP(LS), Sri. G.L. Barghava, MP (LS), Sri. Bhagwati Singh, MP(RS),Sri. Narain Singh  Yadav MP(RS), Sri. Kabiruddin Ahmad, MP(RS)Sri. Ravichandran, MP (LS) visited our campus for on spot studybesides visiting other Animal Husbandry and Horticulture Institutein the Central Complex of Hessarghatta.   They were accompaniedby Sri. N.K. Sapra, Joint Secretary,  Sri. Devendra Singh,Sri. Vijayaraghavan and Ms. Amith Walia.

Madam Nita Chowdhary, Joint Secretary along with  all the Heads of the organizations received the Committee and briefed about objectives and the activities of the organizations.



This Institute imparts advanced and Specialised training to the technical officers of the Central/State Govt. Organisations, Agricultural Universities, Bank and Insurance Corporations, Cooperative Organisations, Poultry and Meat Corporations and Private Sector Organisations of the Country.


Under various sponsored programmes like ITEC, Colombo Plan, Scaap, FAO, Foreign Officials from 50 countries have been represented in training at this Premier Institute. Many high level committees proposed to upgrade this Institute to a fulfledged INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE IN TROPICAL POULTRY PRODUCTION. This proposal is under strong consideration by the Government.


Main emphasis is given on development andmultiplicationof various rural type birds.Supplying these stocks particularly for SouthernRegion for rural poultry development.

             TURKEY UNIT:



A full-fledged unit comprising of typical semi range and rural thatch shed models for rearing of both broad breasted bronze and white turkeys is setup at the Organisation.






Two varieties of imported ducks namely– Khaki Camp bell and Pekin
aremaintained for multiplication, development anddistribution
through outthe country for variousstate agencies and farmers.




CPDO (SR), had in the 7th put up a stall at Poultry Expo held during 4-5 Aug. 2004, evinced a very positive reaponse with visitors crossing 20,000 people, farmers and industry representatives. The exhibition was inaugurated bySri. Dhamodiran,Hon’ble Minister for Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Tamilnadu, accompanied by Ms. Neerja Rajkumar, Joint Secertary. These dignitaries visited our stall accompanied by other industry representatives.





A industry interface meeting was held at CPDO (SR) on 25th Oct. 2004, Ms. Neerja Rajkumar Chaired the meeting and held deliberations with industry representatives namely, Mr. Bharat Tandon, Chairman, CLFMA of India, Mr. Mohanty, Dr. K. Rao, NABARD, Dr. R.N. Sreenivasa Gowda, Vice Chancellor, Karnataka Veterinary University, Prof. Krishna Swamy, Prof. H.D. Deve Gowda, Prof. B.S. Ramappa, Dr. Sutrave, of Suguna group, Mr. M.R.I. Maghdum, Mr. Kutty, Dr. Harsha Kumar Shetty, of VH Group, Dr. Deshpande, of Godrej Agrovet. The conclusions expressed by the members of the meeting are mainly focused on review of Course Curriculum and Training modules and upgradation of this Institute to International Standard. It was felt that there is a urgent need for tripartite working arrangement between Govt., Universities and Industry on formulation and implementation of poultry policy regulations. It was agreed to formulate a technical coordination committee comprising members from University, Industry and Government to constitute Poultry Development council.



  1. Advanced Course on Duck Production from 6th Dec. 2004 to 29th Jan. 2005.

  2. Laboratory course on Aflatoxin Assay, from 20th Dec.2004 to 29th Jan. 2005.

  3. A sponsored course of CLFMA of India (Refresher Course on Feed Analytical Techniques from
    17th Jan to 22nd Jan 2005.

  1. Orientation  course on poultry production from 17th Jan. to 22nd  Jan. 2005.

  2. A Practical training course for rural farmers from 17th Jan. to 22nd  Jan. 2005.

 Feed back from Trainees:

This  Orientation Programme helps me to develop my knowledge on feed, rearing tactics, disease management in better way. As a banker it helped me a lot to actually go into the scenario of Poultry Science. It is a very good programme.

 - by, G.Harinarayana,

K.S.C.A.R.D Bank, Bangalore.

Attended Orientation Course on Poultry Production from 12th to 19th Dec. 2004.


The Course (16.11.04 to 24.12.04) is beneficial not only to myself but also to my Institution. Indians are very kind and friendly. I had a nice time in India.

 -by, Mr. Le Thi Hong Thao


Attended Advanced Course on Management of Breeder Stocks from 16.11.04 to 24.12.04.


  1. Dr. N. Rajeswara Rao, participated in CODEX Egg Code committee meetingheld in Canada during 2-3 Nov.2004, representing India.

  2. Organisation participated in 7th Annual Poultry Expo held at Coimbatore during August 2004.

  3. Dr. P.S. Mahesh, Dr. Nallappa presented technical papers in IPSACON – 2004 held at Palampur, Himachal Pradesh during 2004.


This Organisation received second best stall out of about 300 stalls organized during ‘Krishi Mela’ at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore during Nov.2004.



Editor: Dr. Majdood Ahmed 

Associate Editors: Dr. N. Rajeswara Rao

      Dr. G. Deve Gowda

      Dr. K. R. Rao 

Compilation: Dr. P.S. Mahesh

Computer Aids: Mr. S.M. Anwar Basha

Photography: Mr. Muralidhar 

Advisory Committee for Training Unit  at Hessarghatta, Bangalore: 

  1. Joint Secretary (DD&P)- Chairperson.

  2. Dr. Srinivas Gowda, Vice-Chancellor, Karnataka Veterinary, Animal & Fishery Science University.

  3. Dr. G. Devegowda, Prof. & Head. Deptt. Of Poultry Science, UAS, Bangalore.

  4. Sri. B.B. Mohanty, CGM, NABARD, Bangalore/Nominee.

  5. President CLFMA.

  6. Director, Department of A.H & Veterinary Science, Karnataka.

  7. Representatives from the Industry.

             i) Venkateshwara Hatcheries.
ii) MD, Godrej Agrovet, Bangalore.
iii) MD, Komarala Feeds Ltd., Bangalore.
iv) Suguna Poultry Farm, Bangalore.
            v) Director, CPDO(SR), Hessarghatta, Member Secretary.



Name                :     Barat  Someswara Rao  ( B.S. Rao)                                               

Date of Birth     :    September    5th,  1936 

Address             :    95, Pragati Apartments,
Panjabi Bagh Club Road,
Paschim Vihar,  N E W  D E L H I –110 063.

Telephone No. :     91-11-5436449 (Res.) 

Qualifications   :  B.V.Sc., A.H., M.V.Sc.,  M.S. ( USA), Ph.D., (USA). 

Major Specilisation:     Poultry Nutrition. 

Work Experience: 

 Member of societies:  

PFI ,   Orissa Veterinary Council,  Indian Aassociation for the advancement of veterinary research    


        Awards                     : IPSA award.

       Countries Visited     : ISRAEL, NETHER LANDS, HUNGARY, FRANCE, U.K(ODNRI), US.






       Date of Birth       :   July 1st, 1939.                                                                    

       Address              :  No., 58/84, ‘ARUNODAYA’ Defence Colony, Hessarghatta Road, Bangalore- 560 073. 

       Qualification        :  B.V.Sc., M.V.Sc,,  Ph.D., 

       Major Specilisation:   Poultry Genetics and Breeding. 

Work Experience:                                     

 Members of Societies:


 Countries Visited:   U.S., Maldives etc., 




Date of Birth                    :  October 9th , 1944.
Address                          :  Poultry Consultant,  Govt. of India, 
Ministry of Agriculture,
 Krishi Bhavan, NEW DELHI – 110 001.                             Qualification                  : B.V.Sc., A.H.,  M.V.Sc.,  Ph.D.,  
Major Specialisation      :    Animal Genetics and Breeding .

Work Experience 

As  Director, Central Poultry Breeding Farm, Mumbai,  Hessarghatta, Chandigarh. From 1977 to 1998.
Director, Central Poultry Training Institute. From 1998 to 2003
Joint Commissioner (Poultry), Govt. of India, from 2003 to 2004
Presently Poultry Consultant, Govt. of India.

Presented many technical papers in National and Internals Journals.

Member of Societies:

·         Indian Poultry  Science Association (IPSA).
         World Poultry Science Association ( WPSA)
Countries visited:   U.S.A,  Singapore, U.K.


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