Services Unit

Nutrition Laboratory Equipped with Latest Modern equipment like NIR, HPLC for modern Feed Analytical work including Mycotoxin analysis.This laboratory is identified as one of the nodal laboratories catering to the needs of poultry industry in govt. & private sector organizations.



Chick Sexing School: Trainees will be given a practical training for 3 months  (vent method / Japanese method) trainees with good eye sight, under 30 years with  matriculation are preferred.

Technology Laboratory

Equipped with necessary infrastructure for carrying  out of qualitative studies on eggs, meat, preparations etc., a mini processing  plant  with model equipment necessary for a small entrepreneur is available for demonstration.


Layer and broiler Experimental sheds necessary to conduct typical research trials and for demon- stration purpose for trainee Officers for courses like artificial insemination, nutrition, breeding etc.




Poultry Disease Diagnostic Laboratory: An in-house diagnostic facilities for  conducting post mortem
examination for chicken, ducks, turkeys for disease determination, prevention and control is available.
Trainee officers are regularly  exposed for conducting postmortem, identification of lesions and disease



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